Vitamins and Supplements in Douglas County OR

vitamins and supplements
Sometimes, we don’t get everything we need from our diets in terms of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Other times, our bodies need more than the average of something! Whatever the case for your individual wellness may be, it’s important to explore vitamins and supplements in Douglas County, OR as a way to help your body get what it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Whitestone Vitamin & Health Center stocks a full range of vitamins and other nutritional supplements in Douglas County, OR. Our inventory is open to anyone who may need to give their body a little extra for it to function healthfully each and every day. We carry:


From vitamins A, B (1-12), C and D, to vitamin K and beyond, we stock all of the vitamins you might need to support your diet. Thiamin, biotin, folic acid and more can have profound effects on the body when supplemented into your everyday diet!

Special Formulas

For people with unique conditions, Special Formulas are a gateway to a higher quality of life. Insomnia, gout, heartburn and even joint dysfunction can all be aided by Special Formulas. From omega-3 fatty acids, to glucosamine, to melatonin and more, you could outweigh your chronic condition with the right focus on supplements.


cleansers are a great way to rid your body of the many free radicals and carcinogens that may have built up over time. Flushing these toxins out of your body allows you to get a fresh start, improving your overall wellness and giving you solid ground to build good habits on.


A happy tummy is the key to a happy life! Probiotics help keep you regular and keep gut bacteria in check, lowering instances of IBS, acid reflux and other general digestive conditions.


Enzymes can help you better break down food and detoxify your body in a way that’s natural and normal. If you’re in a funk and your world revolves around a stomach that’s seemingly always upset, enzymes could be a solution.

Every person is different and each of our bodies needs the right combination of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Supplements can help make sure you’re getting what’s right for your body—and Whitestone Vitamin & Health Center is here to help. Stop by today to see our vast inventory of products. Or, give us a call at 541-673-8482 if you have questions.